Costa Gavras – Stimulating Minds Through Film

Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades

I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview the director and screenwriter of the classic movie Z, Costa Gavras, before the Canadian premiere of his movie The Axe a few years ago. He is one of my all-time favorite movie directors and screenwriters because of his ability to make his audience question authority and think about various political, social, and ethical situations. He is truly a humanitarian at heart. In my interview with him he made a beautiful statement, that to me exemplifies how art should bring balance to one’s life, he said, “the role of art in society is to question life and let the audience decide.”

Art, in all its forms, has more power when it makes you think about what is going on around you, or the ethics and humanity of things that happened in the past, helping society make wiser decisions for our future.

Choosing your favorite forms of art can truly keep you in balance if you choose wisely.

Here is my interview with Costa Gavras.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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