My Digital Photo Given an Honorable Mention Award

Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades

I entered a digital photo in the Scott Air Force Base Annual Art and Craft Show 2013, where quite a lot of talented artists work or have a spouse that work on base. I was fortunate to win an Honorable Mention Award in the Photography Category, where I also entered my photo in the show’s theme, “America the Beautiful.”  My photograph was titled Hope, Strength, and Faith in our Soldiers.”  This Art show is apparently one of the US Air Force’s best.  I am truly honored.  My digital photo was purchased by one of the attendees to the art show, another honor, but if anyone else would like to purchase it I will be making copies of it for sale.

Description of Photo:  The Saint Louis Gateway Arch resembles the image of a rainbow symbolizing hope. Its metal structure is a symbol of strength.  The American flag in front and centered under the Arch symbolizes the unity of all states and how each state contributes to that strength.  A member of the National Guard is parachuting through the Arch with the colors of the United States, symbolizing the faith we have in our military to get the nation through every crossroad (smoke from plane in the form of an X) the country may face.




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