Editorial Fees:

DO YOU NEED freelance or salaried editorial assistance?  I follow the Editors Association of Canada (EAC) rules and guidelines.

1. Decide what skills you need.

Editors can put many different skills to work on your text. Consult the EAC Definitions of editorial skills to determine what kind of help you need. You can find even more detail on several core skills in the Professional Editorial Standards.

2. Establish the scope of your project, including the budget and schedule.

For a freelance or contract project, consult the Standard Freelance Editorial Agreement to see what kinds of things should be spelled out in advance.

3.  Discuss Project

Discuss the details of the project with me, outline the editorial skills you want done on the project, check my availability, and request an estimate. Send a representative sample of the material so that I can prepare a realistic estimate.


Only serious requests for editorial work will have a copy of my resume forwarded.

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