Find Balance this Spring

Find Balance This Spring With Stillness

By Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades

It’s been a while since I’ve written on my website/blog. With the state of the world the last couple of years drenched in chaos, uncertainty and fear, I felt the best way to get to the truth is to sit in stillness often. In stillness you find balance. In stillness you are better able to listen to your intuition. When you are reactionary, you put yourself in stress-mode, increasing your cortisol levels and lowering your immune system. Spring, however, is a reminder to come out of the darkness, reach for the light, and learn from those dark moments. Reflecting on times of chaos brings wisdom. Fear then disappears and returns one to a state of balance.

With what you know now, ask yourself, how many things put you in a state of fear that now sound ridiculous? How many “facts” have now been contradicted and reversed? As a result, these moments became unnecessary stress. I chose to turn off the television and mainstream media often in order to keep my sanity.

One thing that disturbed me these past two years was societies’ inability to have an open discussion about their concerns in a calm and peaceful manner. Media fired fear into the hearts of many, making it difficult to talk things through. I learned, that if you know someone is going to be confrontational about their opinions, just walk away. Stay in your light, and let them work out their fears if they can’t talk about them in a calm manner. I was disappointed by the lack of unity.

Nature kept me grounded. Walking in parks, forests, along rivers and streams. Working in my garden, preparing soil, planting seeds and small plants, watering and tending the garden, and creating a space to attract pollinators to tend to my fruits and vegetables. My stillness in nature kept me grounded. In my silence, nature rejuvenated me.

We need nature to survive. Nature feeds our body and soul. Nature is the closest thing to God/the creator/consciousness. When you work or sit in nature, one’s life path becomes clear.

Sometimes my moments of silence were simply moments of prayer, meditation and Reiki. These too kept me in balance. Above all, the key was being still.

In this current period of spring, take the time to get your hands dirty and plant something. Get outdoors. Walk, breathe the fresh air, and listen to the sounds of nature. The answers to life’s questions are there. This will provide a fresh start to the year, as well as re-balance one’s life. Let us strive for unity as we move forward. Unity maintains balance, but you need stillness to get there.

Find your method to stillness this spring to re-start your year and find balance. Then, you will find your truth.

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