Reduce Menopause Symptoms with Reiki

By Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades

Your brain feels fuzzy, you’re exhausted, emotional, have moments of depression, and sometimes you feel like you no longer have control over your body that now feels like an overheated car. Women at various stages of their lives have felt at least one of these symptoms, but before, during, and after entering menopause all these symptoms can hit you at once. If you aren’t ready to take supplements or medication for your stage of menopause, Reiki may be something you want to try to manage your symptoms.

Reiki is a gentle experience. A Reiki practitioner lightly places their hands on or above you to diminish or provide relief of what ails you, whether it is menopause symptoms, or aches, pains and emotions that may be the result of lifestyle or illnesses.

A Reiki practitioner can practice Reiki on you while you are fully clothed, lying down or seated comfortably. Better yet, if you learn how to practice Reiki you can easily place your hands on your body whenever you feel menopause symptoms arise, day or night, alleviating any menopausal discomforts.

When you receive Reiki you begin to feel your mind and body relax. If you lead a hectic life, it’s the perfect way to check-in with yourself, shut off the world, and take a deep breath. Almost like meditation time.

If your lifestyle is not what you would like it to be, Reiki can help you have a better focus on where your body feels out of balance. From there you will have better clarity on addressing symptoms that are the most uncomfortable for you.

Reiki is a non-invasive, balancing way to get menopause symptoms to either decrease or disappear. If you are not ready for supplements, medication or any other type of therapy to help you get through menopause, receiving or practicing Reiki may be a good first step for you.

When choosing a Reiki practitioner, take the time to talk to different practitioners and go with the person you find effortless to communicate with. Trust your instincts. Each Reiki practitioner has their own individual personality and approach, but the key is to be with the one who is truly listening with the right compassion and empathy for your individual needs. You don’t need to get Reiki from a Reiki Master to understand what you are going through, however if you would like to learn how to do Reiki on yourself, you would need to learn from a Reiki Master, as they are trained to teach Reiki.

First Published October 25-2015 –


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