Reiki for a Balanced Life

Finding Balance in an Overwhelming and Stressful World

When you feel overwhelmed with everything in your life – work, family, community involvement, etc. – and you just don’t have an extra minute to give to yourself, it’s time to find balance in your life. Reiki helped me look deep inside myself to understand how I got into my frazzled overwhelming world. Reiki also helped me understand how to get in control of my life again and feel balanced.

What I enjoy the most about Reiki is the personal quiet time. It is meditative. For me the quiet time and hand placements allow me to take inventory of what is achy in my body from head to toe. Even if I practice Reiki for five minutes on myself, sometimes it’s all I really need. Whether I practice on myself, or receive Reiki from a practitioner, the light touch hand placements take me to a peaceful healing state. The chatter in my head stops, and the fight or flight mentality melts away. Reiki leaves me in a state of relief and calm.

The quiet calm and the soothing feel of the Reiki hand placements allows me to shut off the world. It gives me clarity on what I need to change in my life. Other times I take it as an opportunity to pray for guidance on a situation I am confused about. Praying is not a requirement of Reiki, it’s just my time alone helping me find personal answers. Reiki helps me get back to my natural balanced state.

I am always fascinated by the heat or sensations I sometimes feel emitting from my hands or the practitioners, particularly because I am someone who gets cold hands easily. Practicing Reiki helps my cold hands disappear. Scientists can’t really explain how Reiki works, but what we do know is that the body goes into parasympathetic nervous system dominance (PNS) when someone experiences Reiki. The body has a Relaxation Response, triggering the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Whether someone practices Reiki on me or I practice on myself, I am always brought to a state of calm relaxation. If I was agitated, upset, stressed, or angry before Reiki practice, five minutes into a Reiki session those negative emotions are gone and irrelevant. Things don’t seem as bad as I originally thought, and sometimes solutions to my problems naturally come to my mind.

If you too want to experience calmness, relaxation, a clear mind and balance, consider trying Reiki, as relaxation is essential to our well-being. Reiki also helps create a healthy balanced world.



Photo Credit: by Siripin


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