New Twist on Helping People get out of Debt

Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades

Today the television program CBS Sunday Morning had a news clip on a collection agency that actually helps people get out of debt.  Yes, you read correctly, helps a person in debt get out of debt!  Finally, a new idea, service to others, and making a bad situation better for all involved.

In the CBS story, the owner,  Bill Bartman, of CFS II Debt Collection Agency,  talked about how the old mentality of hounding debtors to get money they don’t have doesn’t work. I think we’ve all heard someone’s story about a collections agency being nasty to a friend in the past, but this company has taken on a new approach, ‘let’s help the client find ways to make money to pay back the debt.’ Yup! This agency helps the individual in debt find a job, fix their resume, remind them about when their first job interview is, and literally works with them to get out of debt. That is just a few of the services this debt collector provides the debtor!  Instead of getting angry, the owner of this collection agency is seeing a 200% return by being “nice.”

What I like about this story is the collection agency is thinking outside of the box and not focusing on the negative situation, but how to make a bad situation better for all involved.  The collection agency is being of service to the debtor without making them feel humiliated from a situation they are probably not happy or proud about.  This is a great example of how our world can slowly get back into balance and out of debit – new ideas, service to others, and focusing on the positive. The United States alone is in $35 millon of debt. What a great way to start getting out of that debt!

To get the whole story and view the video story see,  Your Friendly Neighborhood Debt Collector at CBS Sunday Morning at:

Ideas like this are one step closer to a healthy balanced world.


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