Discuss Hormone Balance and Peri-Menopause when you are 35

Constadina Zarokostas-Vasiliades

First Published in September 2013 at: http://menopausemission.com/discuss-hormone-balance-and-peri-menopause-when-you-are-35

Suzanne Somers was on Good Morning America (GMA) a few days ago talking about the importance of women looking after their hormones and keeping them in check. Suzanne has been an amazing advocate of women’s health and wellness and has just released a new book aimed at women from 35 to 50 who think they are too young to be thinking about hormones and menopause. In it she also talks a lot about Natural Hormone Therapy, a controversial topic for many. She cleverly titled her new book, “I’m Too Young for This!” You are never too young to talk about your hormones, each generation has their issues with them, but what you do with that information is more important. 

Ms Somers is certainly correct; we are never too young to keep track of our hormones because they often dictate the state of our health. She mentioned in her GMA interview that studies are showing that women who have severe fluctuations of hormones in their 30’s to early 40’s is leading to women getting cancer once they hit menopause. This is a great reason for women to stay in tune with their health and live a balanced lifestyle. Something like stress and toxicity in the body can easily throw off one’s hormones. Keep active, eat healthy, and always find ways to combat your daily stress.

You are never too young to take care of your health, and if you are in your 30’s or 40’s make sure you check your hormone levels with your practitioner on a regular basis, particularly if you are under a lot of stress or work a high-stress job. Naturopathic Doctor Lara Armstrong has noted that when you do get your hormones checked you should make sure it is done on day 18 to 21 after the first day of your period. Otherwise the test may not be accurate to indicate what your regular hormone levels are. These tests can be done by drawing blood or testing saliva.

Although Ms. Somers is a supporter of Natural Hormone Therapy, it isn’t always truly “natural,” a number of questions need to be asked, and is not the right solution for everyone’s menopausal symptoms. (See my article “Heart Health During and After Menopause,” which talks about the risks of heart health when using hormone therapy) What’s more important is beginning the dialog on hormones early enough, so when peri-menopause and menopause is finally at your doorstep, you are well informed and know what choices are best for you. Don’t just ask your regular family doctor, who most likely has been given very little education and instruction on menopause in medical school. Gynecologists and Naturopathic Doctors specializing in women’s issues is a good place to start your discussion about your personal hormone issues.

To see the video of Suzanne Somers on Good Morning America click here: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/suzanne-somers-age-defying-secrets-20342733


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